Shanxi Yujiaheng Industrial Co., Ltd.(YJH)is the global supplier in non-magnetic drill tools for the oilfield service industry. Located in Taiyuan city, Shanxi province, China, YJH products include: non-magnetic drill collars, non-magnetic stabilizers, non-magnetic flex drill collars, non-magnetic spiral drill collars and non-magnetic subs. 

Focus and expert

Yujiaheng focuses on solving challenges in non-magnetic steel field and very well understand the dilemma of engineers.  Since high-quality material is always preferred while the cost should always be considered as well, we are trying to promote the quality of our products with an affordable price. Dongwei non-magnetic steel produced by Yujiaheng can enhance the safety and efficiency of your expensive equipment.
With many years of research and practice, our engineers have made great progress in non-magnetic steel material. By now, our material and products all meet the international criterions and requirement, and are more cost-effective than competitive material and products of same kind.
Our non-magnetic steel has an outstanding reputation for its excellent performance and after-sales service. 

Features and specifications
Our material is austenitic non-magnetic steel. It has very low magnetic 
permeability/CONDUCTIVITY, high strength, good abrasive resistance and outstanding corrosion resistance. The magnetic permeability is less than 1.003 and is lower than international standard 1.005.
It is good for making non-magnetic drilling collars, MWD shells, non-magnetic bearings, tubes, bolts and springs. More important, it can avoid thread gluing, severe wear and magnetization.

Product and service
Our material of Dongwei series include bars, billets and wire rods. Products include non-magnetic drilling collars, MWD shells, , non-magnetic bearings, tubes, bolts, springs and so on.
By perfect combination of excellent experts and advanced equipment, our products obtain high quality and low discrepancy. 
Our engineers not only promote the quality and properties of products, but also precisely track orders until the last step of use. At the same time, they cooperate with clients to adjust composition of steel and optimize manufacturing technique to meet need of clients.

Material and products
Our non-magnetic steel has five grades: DWNM101 (consistent with international P530), DWNM101HS(consistent with upgraded p530), DWNM102( consistent with international P550 and 15-15HS), DWNM103(consistent with international P580). Our material can meet requirements of properties(as shown in table 1 to 5), and besides these, it also has some advantages as follows:
1 magnetic permeability
the magnetic permeability is lower than 1.003 H/m and better than international standard of 1.005.
2 corrosion resistance
Our steel passes ASTM A-262, practice”A” and practice”E”. If steel cannot meet those requirements, it may lead to thread gluing, severe wear.
3 fatigue strength
DWNM101 can last 100 000 cycles at +/-65 ksi , keeping 300 000 cycles without breaking.
DWNM102 can last 100 000 cycles at +/-80 ksi, keeping 300 000 cycles without breaking and 10 million cycles at +/-60ksi.
DWNM103 can last 10 million cycles at +/-60ksi without breaking.
4 homogeneous distribution
Our steel has no crack on surface or inside. The mechanical and metallurgical properties are homogeneous.


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